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Traditional Mystic Services For Your Events

We are entertainers first – using our intuitive skills as an added bonus. Our talent has a wide range of backgrounds: teachers, nurse, ministers, Certified Private Investigators, Authors. and Certified Handwriting Interpreters.

Tradition Mystical Services by Miles of Smiles brings the enchantment to your occasions. From corporate events to birthday parties, our unique mystical offerings transform ordinary celebrations into a magical experience. Whether it’s specialty events or festive holiday parties, our dedicated team ensures a touch of wonder. Dive into the mysterious and let us elevate your event to the realm of the extraordinary. Dream, dazzle, and delight by having Miles of Smiles at your next event.

  • Gypsy Fortune Tellers
  • Palm Readers / Tea Leaves Readers
  • Kiss – Lip Print Readings (Your Lips Tell All!)
  • Handwriting Profilers/Analysis
  • Personal Portraits
  • Mystic Rejuvenation Oils – Custom Scents
  • Strolling Crowd Readings
Why limit yourself? Offer your guest more than one option!

Miles of Smiles Events Speciality Services

Intuitive Entertainment At Its Best!

At your next event, step into the world of mystique and merriment with Miles of Smiles our fortune tellers and handwriting analysts will give you the keys to unlock those hidden aspects of your life, career and more. Get ready for a unique twist at your event with our innovative and unique Kiss Readings. What are your lips saying? What is that personalized scent that is yours? Mystical Romances Aromatics and Mystical Scents Oils and create a scent that is personalized to you.