Wellness Rooms

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Conventions and celebrations are fun activities.  Even fun can bring its own type of stress – away from home and routine, having to go from activity to activity or instead having to sit and wait for transitional stages of the event.  Not to mention the possible overload of too much fun, too much conversation, and too much celebration.  So why not provide a little extra benefit by having a wellness room available?  What is a wellness room?  It’s a  dedicated, private space place where guests and attendees can take time out to tend to their own personal health needs and replenish themselves.

Some things that can make your Wellness Room hugely effective and successful are:

  • Chair Massage
  • Hand or Feet Reflexology
  • Custom Essential Oils for Energy, Focus or Relaxation
  • Mini Facials
  • Energy Sessions
  • Live, Soothing Guitar Music